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Marlee Watts is Hemlock Tattoo's first apprentice!

Watts is one of Hemlock’s original co owners and general manager. She is the person behind the scenes that helps to keep Hemlock running smoothly.

Watts has worked in the tattoo industry for 5+ years and has had an interested in body modification since she was teenager. Tattoos and piercings have always been a special part of Watts’ Identity.  As a teenager, she dreamed about becoming a tattoo artist one day. At the time it felt so unattainable that she didn't ended up actively pursuing it, until now!

Her interest in body adornment has always influenced her artistic practice. It is part of what inspired her to attend ACAD to pursue jewellery + metalsmithing which she graduated from in 2015 with honours. Since starting ACAD in 2009 she has been running her jewellery business, North West Jewellery, which is still going strong today.

Watts has just begun her tattoo apprenticeship journey under the watchful eyes of her three mentors, Taylor Hudson, Janeen Scott and Geneva Haley. Watts practice is informed by consent based and trauma aware tattoo training. She is continuing to develop her new found techniques and personal tattoo style.

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